About Us

The main direction of our Company is the performance of a wide range of repair, construction and inspection works at height and in difficult-to-reach places, both in the supported and unsupported positioning, using a rope access technique.
We successfully perform the works on the basis of general contracting and subcontracting with a possible self-financing. We also provide “outstaffing services” transferring employees to the staff of outstanding service provider.

Below you can find the main list of our services. To save your time and for easy perception, we have divided all our services into 6 major categories.


Need for rope access specialists arises where it's necessary to hoist and to erect something, and lifting cranes and other conventional hoisting systems are powerless and economically unjustified.

Construction and repair works

We execute construction and repair works at high-rise structures, radio/TV towers, supports, bridges, smoke stacks, flues, tunnel crowns, ice-breaking sides of bridges, wind turbines, etc.

Welding work at heights and in hard-to-reach places

It's necessary to execute welding work at height during performance of many operations at steel structures. This is a very complex and hazardous process, where professional skills and a high level of professionalism are important, as well as equipment that will allow accomplishing the task set in a safe, qualitative and quick way.

Inspecting high-rise and hard-to-reach facilities, providing reports, video and photo materials. NDT (Non-Destructive Testing).

Conducting facility inspections is necessary to obtain accurate and reliable information during planning, designing and cost estimating. Rope access specialists play an indispensable role during a survey of high-rise and hard-to-reach fragments.

Cleaning works

Cleaning at height combines services of industrial climbers, such as window washing, facade cleaning, workshop dedusting, roof cleaning from snow and ice.


Inspection and renovation of industrial chimneys

- Inspection and condition monitoring of all types of chimneys. The refurbishment of chimneys and tower strustures made of reinforced concrete, masonry and steel including partial demolition and restoration.

Rope access works connected with steel constructions

- Rope access works connected with steel constructions – assembly/dismantling, welding, sandblasting, non-destructive testing, anti-corrosive treatment

Civil construction

- Concrete joints sealing, painting, all sorts of odd jobs on height via rope access methods

Wind energy

- As a member of joint venture with 3D Wind service OY our company is working in the wind energy sector, performing blade inspections and repairs, and many other tasks connected with the wind turbine building and maintenance.

Confined spaces

- Inspection, maintenance and repairs of various confined spaces such as ship cargo holds, silos, liquid and gas tanks

Rope access cleaning works

- Window and glass facade cleaning, high pressure cleaning, snow and ice removal, drainage and gutter systems cleaning,


- GWO lvl 1-3 training courses, safety on height training.

Sale, installation and maintenance of fall protection systems and equipment.